Welcome to the mad bears metaverse

Our vision is to build long term value for our holders, creating an online identity that can represent them. We want to build the most tight-knit and empowered community of NFT and crypto lovers who passionate about learning and growing in Web3. 

We believe in the power of Web3 and its ability to bridge gaps, to link anyone, anywhere, to a decentralized web of opportunities. 

We build knowledge, develop skills and make connections. Our mission is to facilitate this gap-closing as much as we can. This fundamentally means connecting people to ourselves, and one another.

We create community-focused project with DAO centered around collaboration and connection. We want to grow with confidence, consistency and transparency, establishing an elite brand for our community that is here to stay.

We are always looking for opportunities to grow the community and take our financial responsibility to the brand, team and collectors very seriously.

Our DAO is the place where unique minds merge, come together, and create a respectful and loving place that anyone can call home.

Minting Begins

July 17 2022 17:00 UTC WL
July 17 2022 19:00 UTC Public

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Total Mints


Price per Mint

WL: 0.5 SOL
Public: 1 SOL

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We created awesome 3D collection of 1000 digital bears with 110 traits


Buying an original bear also gives its owner airdrop of pixel bear NFT!

Our Roadmap

Launch website, Twitter, Discord and start build strong crypto community of NFT lovers and investors.

Grow and boost our community with marketing campaign with Discord and Twitter collabs and giveaways. 

Reward our members for contribution in our community with whitelists and special roles with crypto reward prizes.

Collaborate with leading communities, best advisors and influencers in NFT world to build brand awareness, create partnerships and grow organically.

Launch mint when our mint day comes. First launch whitelist mint and after public mint.

Just after our sold out list our collection on Magic Eden, the largest Solana's #1 marketplace.

20% of money raised from our mints takes our launchpad platform Nova Launch. 

80% raised money raised from our mints will be used for building our DAO, investing in our future projects and keeping high floor price for our collections.

We build our DAO where we can decide together our future plans and investments.

We give our Mad Bears holders airdrop of pixel bear NFT!

We open personal marketplace where our holders can list NFT from our collection with lowest 1% fees.

We open personal rarity checker service for our collection.

We open personal sale alerts service where to track all sales for our collection.

We organize airdrops and giveaways for holders with crypto reward prizes.

We develop NFT mobile apps for our community with early access for our holders. 

We run special channel for holders with VIP crypto signals.

We run special channel with exclusive insights, news and analytics of NFT world.

We give our holders exclusive access to premium collab channel with WL from top NFT projects.

Our holders will get access to early presale for our future collection.

We create our token and send airdrop for holders.

We create staking pool for our NFT collection.

We create world class merchandise with our collection.

We run IRL events across the world.

We launch our project in Metaverse.

Watch our intro video!

Our utilities

Our DAO and utilities give you access to the comprehensive analysis of NFT and crypto markets and possibility to have constant income from crypto and NFT trading and investing:

✅ Private holders chat where we decide our future plans and investments.

✅ Private channel with insights, news and analytics of NFT and crypto world.

✅ Private channel with detailed analysis of all daily mints on Solana along with Twitter and Discord stats so you can easily track and find high quality mints.

✅ Private channel channel with one hour mints reminder on Solana so you easily join all new mints.

✅ Private channel channel with time scheduled list of all daily mints on Solana.

✅ Private channel for tracking that big influencers and wealthy individuals are buying, selling or listing on secondary markets.

✅ Private channel with the list of top rated Magic Eden upcoming mints.

✅ Private channel where you can track floor of any collection on Solana.

✅ Private twitter monitor channel where you can track tweets from top NFT influencers..

✅ Private channel with educational materials about NFT market and creating your own NFT collections.

✅ Private channel with VIP crypto signals.

✅ Private channel with crypto news.

✅ Private channel with daily fear and greed index updates.

✅ Access to our wl mints for all our future collections.

Our Team

Alex Packer

Alex is passionate about trading cryptocurrencies and Web3 ecosystems. He's adept of Solana blockhain what is the perfect place to create lasting community and invest in upcoming and promising projects. He's professional in building brands, creating communities, art history and branding. He has vast experience in creating Solana collections with strategic experience in building global projects.
Custom Gang
Digital Artist

Custom Gang has a wealth of experience in creating popular NFT collections. He has diverse exper of global creative projects including illustration for established companies. He's professional in using Blender in 3D developing art. He works also for artworks for website design, company promotions and further utility enhancements. He has been in the NFT space for many years and developed a passion for working with them.

Team Manager

As team manager Lekky helps us in building community and moderate our Discord. He will organize meetings with our members and ensure all the team is focused on their assigned roles. He also manage moderators and administrators of the discord channel and be in charge of future recruitment efforts. Lekky brings experience working in a leading NFT collection projects for established international teams.
Nova Launch Team

Nova Launch is the premier launchpad platform and comprehensive end-to-end solution. Team of Nova Launch are entrepreneurs, developers and our guides. They help us to to launch our project and quickly solve any technical problems and support constant stability of our project. They bring extensive industry experience in development of Solana projects in all stages. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mad Bears Club NFT collection?

Mad Bears is awesome 3d collection of 1000 bears leaving on Solana blockhain with 110 traits! Each bear give you access to metaverse and also numerous holder benefits.

When the mint starts?

17 July 2022 17:00 UTC - Whitelist Sale
17 July 2022 19:00 UTC - Public Sale

Where will go raised funds?

20% of money raised from our mints takes our launchpad platform Nova Launch. 80% raised money raised from our mints will be used for building our DAO, investing in our future projects and keeping high floor price for our collections.

What is Solana blochain?

Solana is public, open-source blockchain that supports smart contracts, NFT and dApps. Solana is superior in terms of predictable, extremely low network fees and extremely fast live minting.

Which marketplaces will we list on and when?

Our collection will be listed on the largest Solana's #1 marketplace Magic Eden just after our sold out. Also later we will be listed on other Solana marketplaces.

Are you doxxed?

Yes. We got badge ID Verified Team via our launch platform - Nova Launch. Our project completed ID verification & doxxed themselves via Passbase.

Our Partners